How Can a City Promote Entrepreneurship?

An interesting meeting last night left me thinking about what Louisville can do to promote entrepreneurship. This is not a tech city. I don't think, out of the 1.1 million people in the metropolitan area, there is anyone who does digital logic design (which is what my "real job" skillset is in). I bet we have fewer programmers per capita than cities much smaller than us. The city has done a decent job attracting healthcare and life sciences related startups, but mostly we celebrate when we get a call center, manufacturing plant, or when UPS (which has a huge hub here) adds more part-time jobs.

What I'd like to know is, have there been any interesting initiatives where you live to promote economic growth through entrepreneurship? Can a city promote tech startups without a community that is passionate about technology? Do we need more unique ideas, or do we need to get better at connecting the people with ideas to the people with money? How much do cultural attitudes affect people's willingess to pursue entrepreneurship?

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