How Do You Determine the Cause of a Business Failure?

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  • Interesting question and some revealing answers Rob.

    Science has spent centuries following and refining a process for deciding the cause of failure in experiments. Why not attempt to stand on the shoulders of giants? Why not use scientific method?

    They could start with a specific case instead of the vague, general, and ambiguous “When a mistake is made in business, how do you best determine the cause of the mistake?” It depends of course!

  • Bill

    How does ones address the causes of spiritual failure/development?

  • I agree that it is a very broad question as well…but I think the root can be traced back in most cases to the people.

    Usually if you have honest, self-motivated, creative, critical people, the pRoblems that lead to a business failure will be recognized and fixed before becoming a crippling effect.