How Do You See Your Colleagues?

Who’s top dog in your office kingdom? If you’re convinced that the office would devolve into mayhem without your team’s contributions, you’re not alone–in thinking you’re the most important, that is. Most of us have the tendency to see our own contributions in a rosy light. Those colleagues on other teams tend to be, well, different. See where you figure into this grid. (If you’re on a team not mentioned here, comment on how you might see yourself and be seen by others!)

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  • Can’t stop laughing

  • Rome

    Hahaha smart and funny… Hey! But I am Kirk!

  • Tyle


  • LOL, very good!

  • Jerry

    I am okay being Kirk :)

  • Bob

    Very good. Thank you.

  • Great breakdown of how how people see each other.

  • Marketing has got to fit in here somewhere.

  • Mike

    You mean the other groups don’t see me as Kirk?

    What the…????

  • So funny! Would love to see marketing professionals added!

  • zippy

    Hey What about HR!!!!!

  • Cal

    Great pic and seems pretty accurate…wish you had not used the dogs or I would put it up at my office.

    Maybe Mel Brooks as the King from “History of the World Part 1” would have been a less conversation-with-HR-inviting choice?

  • Mike Green

    Why did you leave out engineering? Everyone knows that we’re the real deal.

  • John

    Satan would be a good pic for HR.

  • zippy

    I think Satan would be offended by that comment! I see HR more as a combination of the scare crow; tin man; and the cowardly lion… oh yeah, through in the wicked witch for added measure.

  • One thing I notice as an IT person, is that you put that we see facilities as Mallcop, whereas, to IT, Facilities is perhaps one of the most important aspect of an organization.

  • z2z

    I like how the CEO views the sales. I think this is the funniest one…

  • LOL

    Very funny :) Alas, I fit nowhere on that chart. My job would fall apart without me, but the company won’t care: they will just shoehorn some contractor in for the short term, hire another dunce and have him pick up the pieces when he starts. Exactly how I got into the job in the first place. I’ll move on and get a better job thanks to my now-extensive experience of performing miracles on absolutely no resources. Not because I’m good, but because I have no choice.

    The corporate world of the 90s is going to look totally enlightened compared to what’s happening.

  • Genius, as another suggested adding marketing would be icing on the cake :)

  • Steve

    SO! The company I would like to work in is the one where everyone sees each other like the run of photos down the Diagonal (ie the set of pictures voted by the same department (IT by IT, CEO by CEO etc). Take a look down that diagonal – its cool.