How Income and Job Stress Go Hand in Hand


There are a massive number of jobs to choose from, but some obviously make more money than others. What you may not be considering is how much stress the job will cause. Some jobs will help you make a huge amount of money, but they will also be very stressful. Others are incredibly stressful with below-average income levels. While this is far from a full list, here are a few careers to consider.

Best Of Both Worlds

Do you want a job with a high amount of income and a low amount of stress? These ideal jobs are great, and they are often easier to get than you might think. Some of them include audiologist, economist, materials scientist, and optometrist.

Money and Stress

If you are willing to be stressed, then you can make a lot of money with these jobs. At the same time, the stress can become overwhelming, so be careful if you choose one of these careers. These jobs include commercial airline pilot, public relations executive and senior corporate executive.

Military generals top the list. You’ll get a huge salary, but the stress is unbelievable because you are literally managing people’s lives. If you make a mistake, then hundreds of people could die.

Meet in the Middle

A few jobs rest fairly in the middle when it comes to income and stress. These jobs include police officer, dietician, librarian, medical lab technician, and purchase agent.

Bad Income and Stress

These are the worst jobs to pick because you’ll get very little money and a lot of stress. You should avoid becoming a barista, veterinary assistant, job coach, social worker, enlisted military personnel or firefighter unless you have a strong passion for one of these careers.

Low Money and Little Stress

These jobs don’t offer much money, but the amount of stress is fairly manageable. This list includes jeweler, medical records technician, drill press operator, and seamstress or tailor.

Most people just consider income when they choose a job, but you should also consider the level of stress. Making over $100,000 a year is great, but how good is it when you’re under debilitating stress? Try considering this factor to ensure that you are happy after starting your career.

Salary Vs. Stress
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