How Is Radio Shack Still In Business?

The Onion doesn't write many business stories, but this one about Radio Shack is pretty good.

Despite having been on the job for nine months, RadioShack CEO Julian Day said Monday that he still has "no idea" how the home electronics store manages to stay open.

Go read the whole thing. (If you haven't read it before, The Onion is satire.)

  • K Hiemstra

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

    In Canada, some or all of the Radio Shack stores were bought out by “The SOURCE, by Circuit City”. Now most of the relatively cheapo gadget type goods that Radio Shack used to sell have been replaced by a single NEXXTECH brand from China. NEXXTECH sets the new standard for goods which are of poor quality and look like cheap junk.

    I dream of the good old days where Radio Shack had oddball brands, but at least they had selection at a variety of quality/price points.

    So… in terms of Radio Shack strategy, I suggest sitting back and letting Circuit City to continue to stink itself into oblivion.