How Monkeys Can Help Your Career Path

A recent article compares studies on groups of monkeys with corporate culture.

The office and the jungle are surprisingly similar," says a report in this week's New Scientist.

"Both are ruled by stringent hierarchies, they are grounded in the need for co-operation, and complicated by the drive to compete.

"Add in the risk of hostile takeovers, a marketplace of favours and favourites, brazen opportunism and a long-held tradition of brown-nosing, and you can't tell the savannah from a forest of cubicles."

The magazine sets out five "rules of the jungle" that would apply equally in the office.

The rules, paraphrased, are:

1. Don't take credit for work done cooperatively.
2. Stay on your boss's good side.
3. Don't bear grudges.
4. Be a team player.
5. Be a good boss by carefully balancing control, leadership and motivation.

My prediction for 2008 is that someone will write a book called "Monkey Leadership" and it will be all the rage.

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