How Much Do CEOs Earn Compared To Their Workers? Study Reveals The Answer

worker versus CEO Pay

The average Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in America earns an astounding amount of money, especially when they are compared against the people who work under them.

A new study by the Glassdoor Economic Research team analyzed S&P 500 companies to compare what their CEOs earn in total compensation versus median total compensation for employees.

The company found that the average CEO pay is $13.8 million per year, compared to a median worker salary of $77,800 in 2014. Simple math gives us a differential of nearly 204 times what a worker earns.



Starting in 2017 the SEC will require that all publicly held company’s report their CEO-to-typical-worker pay, a requirement that could, but likely won’t, affect a CEOs pay.

The CEO versus typical worker pay analysis was completed by examining total CEO compensation from SEC proxy filing statements as of 8/14/2015. Figures for media worker pay were grabbed from Glassdoor salary reports which are submitted directly by U.S. employees.

For more on the methodology used visit, FoxBusiness.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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