How Much You Are Worth To Facebook

“$4.81 a year, according to recent filings. Just a friendly reminder that to the services we value the most, the ones the hold our priceless information, we’re literally pocket change.” ~ BuzzFeed

For less than the value of a gallon of milk in some places we hand over our personal lives, connections, and data to a company with a collective mass of people that is more than the population of Planet Earth 50 years ago.

Lately I’ve been thinking of quiting Facebook again. I tried before but it’s so hard to explain to people that it’s not them, it’s ME and my lack of a desire to put my data inside of a company that values ME and YOU so little.

Seriously we are only worth $4.81. Pocket change. I know I value my friends more than that. But that’s all our data is worth apparently. Something just seems out of place in our world.

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