Online PhD: How reddit is Influencing Your Education Choices

Reddit has grown to be giant community of people who’s individual decisions collectively and filter out irrelevant content. This process of crowd sourcing can have a huge impact on your life and our society as a whole. Here are five surprisingly simple things on reddit that could influence your education choices.

The State of Things

An online PhD in the management of nonprofit organizations can give the student all the tools needed to own and operate a successful nonprofit which will hopefully make a positive change in his or her community. The bored, apprehensive college student still struggling to decide on a major may be browsing reddit and come upon a great deal of articles regarding the state of things. ‘The state of things’ encompasses a lot of issues — the environmentally unfriendliness of giant corporations dumping into the ocean and refusing to pay retributions for their horrific mistakes, the political issues and turmoil in various countries around the world, the ineffective war on drugs, and more. One of the largest issues being discussed right now is Occupy Wall Street, the now nation-wide protests against the dysfunctional, corrupt system in which Americans live. Even if you’re from a tiny town in the midwest, all the news on OWS is enough to inspire a person to act — and possibly earn an online PhD in management of nonprofit organizations, becoming politically active all through the learning process and ending up creating a nonprofit which will somehow aid the plight of the 99%.

Food Section

The food section on reddit is huge. There are so many people perfecting their cooking skills and posting photographs of the delicious end results on reddit. The community of redditors who love cooking only inspire one another to get better at their craft with these pictures of friendly competition. The casual food enthusiast without any type of degree may browse the food section of reddit too many times whilst enduring the munchies, and therefore choose to pursue an online PhD in culinary arts. The more serious applicant, perhaps someone who already has a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, may see the posts and submit to an irresistible urge to school all the other kids on what cooking is really all about. An online PhD can escalate a chef’s career from simple cook to kitchen supervisor, meaning all those snotty comments about what other people should be doing better may not have been for naught — call it training!

Clinical Psychology

A popular subreddit is psychology, which examines odd cases studied in psychology as well as new scientific advances in the field. After reading article upon article of weird, interesting psychology news, one may develop an urge to pursue a career in the field. A PhD in clinical psychology leads to a career in which the psychologist is responsible for evaluating, diagnosing, treating, and even trying to prevent mental illnesses in either a group or individual setting. One of the most interesting things about a PhD in clinical psychology is that even though the degree may be pursued online (with plenty of reddit psychology reading in the background), the learning process also requires the student to train in the field for a number of years. This
means that the learning process eventually becomes the student working in an environment they can expect to be in after graduation.

Criminal Justice

There are a large amount of posts on reddit in regards to and debating about criminal justice and the legal system. Videos of police brutality, basic ridiculous insanity involving the law, new laws, and injustices such as the lynching of Troy Davis are constantly hitting the front page and flooded with comments. Some of the debates may get you so heated that you’ll want to pursue an online PhD in criminal justice so that you can be a part of the fight against injustice, help create new laws that actually make sense, or expose an upsetting issue you think should be getting more public attention. An online PhD in criminal justice can turn a bachelors degree to a PhD in a few studious years, and the student can then work trying to prevent or correct criminal issues. Jobs with this online PhD are often with large organizations such as a consulting agency.


Another large community on reddit are designers and artists, comparing work and promoting tips or artists that they think are interesting. All that art can make a guy with a bachelor’s degree want to take it further with an online PhD. Learning online allows for a lot of schedule flexibility, so pursuing an online PhD in design can be done while browsing the internet at your already-cushy design job. After graduating, the student will only move up in the world using their bright, shiny new PhD.