How To Base Your Marketing On Pokemon The Right Way

Making Your Marketing Useful

Everyone is trying to jump on the Pokemon Go bandwagon in one way or another. There are tips and tricks published all over the internet in an attempt to get page views. But how do you jump on the Pokemon Go bandwagon in a way that is both valuable to your customer base and relevant to your business?


Content marketing isn’t always easy to do. It’s all about building relationships and keeping your brand at the top of the page for your customers. It’s a lot of work. There’s a lot of keeping up with current trends. You have to have your finger on the pulse of your customer base, and right now your customer base is more than likely obsessed with playing Pokemon.


So if you have a company that rents storage units across the United States, what does that have to do with Pokemon Go? Plenty, actually. It turns out there are storage limits to how many Pokemon monsters you can catch, how many eggs, how many Pokecoins, et cetera. In its original form, the game can hold:

  • 250 Pokemon monsters
  • 350 trainer items
  • Incubators are temporary and cost 150 Pokecoins


There’s a lot of strategy to the game. You want to capture one of each monster with only a few exceptions- high ranking monsters can be used to do battle in Poke gyms and some monsters can be evolved into higher-ranking monsters. But what’s more, this is a great segue into storage units- something that is unglamorous and maybe a little boring- by talking up the storage limits of the game. It’s a fun and hip way to build relationships with your customer base and keep yourself at the front of their minds.


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There are a lot of terrible graphics and tip sheets out there on the subject of Pokemon Go, so it’s important to provide something that is well-researched and of good value to your customer base. Research and citing sources is crucial to building a resource that people can trust. After all, trust is a crucial component to relationship building within your customer base.


When you give your potential customers something of value that they can use, not only are you building a relationship, you’re also making your company seem relatable and human-run. You really get what’s going on around you instead of being a faceless corporation. Your customer base would much rather interact with a relatable human who shares their interests than a faceless corporation.


Has your company jumped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon? Why or why not? What results have you seen? When you provide a well researched resource you can build trust. But more importantly you can have a little fun- because you have to actually play the game in order to really understand it, and who wouldn’t love to play Pokemon for research purposes?


Check out this infographic for tips and pointers on how to play your best game of Pokemon Go ever. You might be surprised how much strategy there is after all!