How To Combat Copyright Trolls


When you have a website or any type of online presence, you run the risk of falling victim to a wide range of scams depending on how much personal contact information you have available to the public and anyone browsing for you on your site. To ensure you are capable of protecting yourself from potential copyright trolls, it is important to understand what the copyright trolls are exactly and how they can negatively impact and affect you personally and professionally if you give in to them without conducting proper research.

What is a Copyright Troll?

A copyright troll lurks websites and other online sites to target webmasters and those uploading content to bully or harass them into giving up money for imposed copyright infringements. Copyright trolls often use threats and other harsh wording to get their ways, and may even attempt to harass regarding bringing in legal assistance to handle the matter. It is important to distinguish between genuine copyright claims and a copyright troll. Copyright trolls will not present you with proper legal paperwork and may even use foul language, as they are often not professional or even involved in the industry you work in.

Proving Copyright Infringement

In order to prove copyright infringement, a genuine request to remove content or a cease and desist letter would include:

  • Physical or electronic signature of owner of copyrighted material
  • Identification of allegedly infringed material
  • Identification of location of allegedly infringed material online
  • Contact info for the complaining party
  • Statement of good faith
  • Statement of truth of claim under perjury

Who is at Risk?

Copyright trolls target webmasters, customers, regular Internet users and even editors of online magazines or blogs. Content creators, administrators and students may also become targets of copyright trolls when updating blogs and websites with news and other information that has been released on various magazines or within different publications elsewhere.

Understanding copyright laws and how they can affect you online is essential to protect yourself and your website at all times. You can also research more about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to understand online copyrights and how the legal system works when using various images and content on your own website or blog.

Copyright Trolls

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