How To Get A Big Check For Your Marketing


Marketingprofs has an article about GEICO and Warren Buffett, with some tips about how to get your own CEO to see marketing as an investment, not an expense.

Notoriously private, Warren Buffett doesn't have a lot to say publicly, except for his annual letter to shareholders that usually makes the rounds of the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and other top publications. However, for his marketing programs, and specifically GEICO commercials, Buffett has an open checkbook.

In a Wall Street Journal article titled "How a Gecko Shook Up Insurance Programs" (January 2, 2007), Buffett is quoted as saying, "I love the advertising. (The ad growth is) sustainable as long as I am willing to write the checks. And I love writing them."

It's all about the ROI.

  • That’s because most marketing departments treat marketing like a creativity contest for ad awards and not like a metric-definable activity that should logically result in sales.

    Buffet writes checks because the ads have driven up sales. Buffet will stop writing those checks when the marketing department decides that it is sick of the duck (which it probably has already) and wants to go in a new, more creative direction.

    Perhaps they’ll present modern art in a commercial and have a voice over say, “Life is complex. Get Geico.”