How To Lose Weight At The Office


A treadmill workstation. Fascinating. I wonder if the increased blood flow would make workers more productive. A study done on the device showed that people actually enjoyed using it. Read more at Cognitive Daily.

  • And there is a side benefit – your workers could “power” their own workstations – by having the treadmill actually be a mini-electricity generator. Why not make a cliche come true!!

  • I don’t see any measure of productivity in either Cognitive Daily post or in the original article. The closest anyone seems to come is the statement that people could “work normally.” With no measure of work output, we don’t know if there are coordination issues (walking and typing at the same time) or whether some natural movements (reaching for a file, checking a paper document) are harder or less effective. In other words, the people who make the workstation have managed to get a “study” done that indicates that this is a good thing and that companies should buy them.