How To Own Google Search Terms With Video Distribution

So here is something interesting that I just discovered. If you search Google for how to look rich, the Daily Idea show "How to Look Rich and Live Cheap" is on the front page 3 different times. How? Because it's the same video on our site, on Metacafe and on Daily Motion. So out of 10 results, 3 of them with take you to our video. That means whoever advertises on the video (and we have a new sponsor beginning next month) gets a lot more bang for their dollar. Come to think of it, we should probably target advertisers per show topic instead of a month at a time. Hmmm….

I'm not sure how long this will last, or if Google will try to get around this issue, but in the short term, uploading your video all over the web could actually help your search results. And here I was, a few weeks ago, talking about the lack of SEO value of video. You guys really should learn to ignore what I say :-)

  • The Village Post

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    “With the addition of Bill and Nathan we have built the foundation for a great sales organization moving forward,” said Troy Troangen, executive vice president and COO of North Shore Funding. “Bill will concentrate on our mainline accounts, while Nathan will focus on our Private_Label and Industrial business. These resources have proven themselves over and over in the past, and it will not be different in the coming years.”

  • Very interesting. Although, wouldn’t this be kind of covered because of duplicate content?

  • Rob

    Yes, and I’m sure at some point search engines will solve that issue, but for now, it’s probably not a top priority with them because there are not clear winners in the video distribution market.