How to Put Together a $305,000 Mardi Gras Outfit

Mardi Gras doesn’t have to be all about Made in China plastic beads and $3 masks. We tasked ourselves with finding the most expensive Mardi Gras costume in the world, and found out that with some effort, discerning shoppers can put together a Mardi Gras getup–complete with Hurricane–for the same amount of money as a decent-sized house.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to crafting a ridiculous Mardi Gras outfit that will cost in excess of $305,000:

1. Buy the duds

If you’re a man, start with the men’s costume below. Made you a plush velvet jacket, knickers, hat, gloves, and a hefty dose of Mardi Gras spirit for…well, at $729.00, you could be paying more for it, theoretically.


Ladies, try the super-expensive women’s renaissance dress featured below. Women wore dresses just like these to medieval courts. Now you wear this elaborate period piece for a night of Mardi Gras debauchery for pocket change (if you happen to be a millionaire). Cost: $749.95


A woman wouldn’t want to be caught dead in a beautiful Renaissance dress without a pair of Manolo Blahniks.
The right pair is likely to cost anywhere between $800 and $14,000. Men can find Louis Vuitton boots for slightly less. Here’s an example of the shoe you need:


Make sure you stay warm. The period hooded cape below, which Natalie Portman wore when when she played Anne Boleyn, will protect you from the elements for $4,880.00:


2. Accessorize to the hilt

You wouldn’t want to be caught dead without the right Mardi Gras accessories. For one, you’re not showing true high-roller Mardi Gras spirit until you flaunt the Fleur de Lis in as many places as possible. Here are the necessary adornments for women and men:

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Men: Onyx and Diamond Fleur de Lis cufflinks: $2,750


Women: 14K Fleur de Lis Diamond Earrings: $1,375


14K Gold and Diamond Pendant: $3,250


Don’t forget to adorn your hair and face. The feather headdress below costs $230. The mask below that retails at $495.



3. Get the best booze, in the best container

Have you noticed that one thing is still missing? You got it, it’s the alcohol. Although it may be traditional to pour a Hurricane into a highball glass (like these $120 Vera Wang glasses, they don’t exactly make a statement, do they? Better to accessorize with this Florentine champagne glass, which, might we add, fits all kinds of beverages. And hey, it’s only $2,950.


Next: The finest rum and gin, for an unforgettable Hurricane. That’ll be $250,000, please. Here’s how:

Rum: Wray and Nephew–$50,000


This rare Jamaican rum was bottled in the 1940s using traditional methods that have since become obsolete. It is estimated that only four unopened bottles of it exist worldwide. Now that’s something you can indulge in.

Gin: Bombay Sapphire in a jeweled bottle–$200,000


Designer Karim Rashid collaborated with Bombay Sapphire gin to create this $200,000 bottle of gin. Sapphires decorate the stopper on this stylized bottle, which contains—what else—Bombay Sapphire. In order to make the perfect Hurricane, you need the perfect vessel of gin.

Diamond cocktail shaker to blend the Hurricane: $45,000


Amsterdam’s Coster Diamonds created this 35,000 euro (approx. $45,000) cocktail shaker made of silver, 18 karat gold, and 480 19-karat diamonds. Hope your mixing skills measure up.

Now you’re ready to book those exclusive parties…

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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