How to Run a Company Well

It's kind of late, but I don't think anyone else picked up on this piece from last week's Economist. The article gives the ten commandments for successful leaders. Guess what is first on the list?

1. A sound ethical compass. If the boss's values are undemanding, the company's will also be wobbly. That may not put it out of business, but it means the company will have to pay a premium for talent. Good people do not like working for organisations whose values they mistrust. But ethical values are difficult to acquire on demand, in middle life. "The deeper sources of constraint are hard-wired at an early age," says NYU's Mr Allen.

Number three – focus and clarity – is definitely my biggest problem. And I have never really had a chance to try number 7. If you have access to it online, there is a whole section on corporate leadership that is pretty good.