How Wealthy People Benefit Us All

I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but Capitalism Magazine has a nice piece on wealthy individuals, and how they benefit us all.

Let's say you manage to squirrel away $100,000 for the purpose of starting a business. But then the government steps in and divides your money "fairly" among 270 million Americans. We'd each get less than a cent, and no one would benefit from the goods or services your company could have offered.

Even divvying up Bill Gates' billions would amount to only a couple of hundred dollars each. Then what? Then we'd have destroyed one of the world's premier wealth-creating engines for the sake of a little spending money. And even if some amazingly industrious individual transformed his cut of the loot into a multi-million dollar success story, how long before his wealth was grabbed, too?

Without capital and the liberty to deploy it, none of the great industries that make life livable would exist. And though such a prospect may make one wing of the Democratic party salivate–the environmentalists– I doubt it'd be very pleasing to the "working Americans" the rest of the Democrats constantly insist they're looking out for.

Yes I know some people get their money through manipulation and/or immoral means. But, I believe those are the few, not the majority. Most people who do well in this society either 1)took a significant risk that others weren't willing to take or 2)did something to improve the lives of many people. In other words, your net worth has at least a loose correlation to the value you have provided society.

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