HSBC is rolling out fingerprint and voice passwords

HSBC Fingerprint and voice security technology

Millions of HSBC account holders will soon be able to use their fingerprints or voice to securely access their accounts.

The London-based bank on Friday announced that it’s rolling out new technology to 15 million UK customers over the next few months.

Customers in the US, Hong Kong, Canada, and France will also receive access to the new technology by the end of the year.

The company hopes to roll out the new tech to other markets throughout 2017 and 2018.

To use the service mobile banking customers can register their voice with the company instead of using a traditional password.

HSBC is using special voice biometrics technology will analyze a customer’s voice when they call the bank.

HSBC says that even when a customer calls with a cold, their voice should still be recognized and validated.

The HSBC voice recognition technology claims to check over 100 “unique identifiers” to verify customers.

HSBC says iPhone customers with devices that already feature fingerprint login technology — will be able to access their accounts using that tech.

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Because of strict password requirements in the UK, HSBC customers who login on computers have to use individual fobs that provide them with a unique password for each login session. That process for desktop users will remain in place when voice and fingerprint options roll out for mobile users.

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