Hulu will pass 12 million subscribers this month

Hulu subscriber numbers 2016

Hulu says it will pass 12 million subscribers before the end of May.

That means the streaming service will have added more than 3 million subscribers since this time last year.

The company announced its upcoming milestone ahead of Wednesday mornings annual presentation to advertisers.

The data suggests that Hulu’s growth has slowed. When the company reported numbers at the end of April 2015, the company said it had seen “a 50% increase in subscriber base since 2014.”

Today’s numbers suggest growth is now hovering around 30% year over year.

Hulu is a popular cord-cutting choice that allows internet users to stream TV episode for free, with priority streaming for $8-a-month and commercial-free streaming for $12-a-month.

The company is expected to announced a new cable TV competitor that will cost around $40 a month.

The new Hulu TV option is expected to go live in early 2017.

When asked about the company’s attempts to take on cable TV providers Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins responded in an interview with The New York Times, “It is not a declaration of war on anyone. I don’t think we are designing this for people that are really happy with their pay TV service. This is designed for the people that the marketplace is concerned are falling out of love with pay TV. We want to have a product for them.”

The company also recently announced a fifth season of ‘The Mindy Project,’ the show it picked up after three seasons at Fox.

Hulu is also expanding its offering with original movies and documentary’s.

The first documentary will be “The Beatles: Eight Days A Week” by director Ron Howard.

The film will debut in theaters in the fall and stream exclusively on Hulu.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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