I am Disgusted With Politics

I'm sitting home today because someone is doing some work on my house. So I have been watching the news, which I don't normally see in the middle of the day. I just saw two guys on CNN discussing Bush's new immigration policy. One guy mentioned that the Democrats wouldn't let Bush get away with this – that they would show that they can offer those Hispanic voters more than the Republicans can. I must have missed something but since when is politics about what governments can offer people? Doesn't government have something to do with protecting our rights and providing basic services to society that individuals alone cannot provide? I am sick thinking of what the system has become. It seems that the primary concern of government is to see that all actions taken are those that are best for the government.

For the first time since I have been old enough to vote, I don't think I will. I don't see the point. Neither major party stands for what I believe in. They both stand for the same thing – buying votes, increasing spending, and expanding the influence of government in our lives. I have spent 10 years as a registered Republican, and now I want to burn my voter registration card on the White House lawn. People keep telling me that Bush is just trying to get re-elected so that he can do what he really wants to do. But why didn't he just do "what he really wants to do" during his first term? If his ideas are good, he will get re-elected. I can't believe it has come to this. No one cares about right or wrong or principles – only about what trick they can pull out of a hat to get a certain large minority to vote a certain way. In the long run, we will pay a price for accepting this kind of behavior. We will pay with the only tender will government willingly accept -our freedom.