I should be a CEO

Forbes has found that younger CEOs actually outperform older ones, on average. There is still time for me, since I am younger than even the youngest of these CEOs. I hate looking for new jobs because people basically want you to already have experience doing what you will be doing at their company. I think experience is still important, but not nearly as important as other factors like 1)ability to learn and understand new ideas quickly, 2)leadership skills, 3)ability to find relevant information quickly, 4)ability to deal with ambiguity and incomplete information, 5)abililty to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. It is easier for a person with these personality traits to find the relevant knowledge than it is for someone with the relevant knowledge to develop these traits. Maybe I will bring this article up at my next job interview (which will hopefully be with McKinsey & Co., keeping my fingers crossed). But yes, my long-term goal is to run a company – not for the money, but simply because I think it would be fun. I am a business strategy junkie, which is why I started this blog in the first place. I think I sometimes drive employees crazy at stores, restaurants, etc. because I ask them all sorts of questions about their business strategies. I can only imagine getting paid for thinking about stuff I would think about anyway.

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