IBM buys Ustream and launches a cloud video services unit

IBM Cloud Services Unit

IBM has chosen to buy live video provider Ustream, a part of its strategy to launch a new cloud video services unit.

Ustream was launched in 2007 and delivers live and on-demand video for customers such as TheDiscovery Channel, Facebook, NASA, Nike, and Samsung, among others.

IBM recently acquired cloud video company Clearleap, which is also now part of its cloud video services unit.

IBM estimates that demand in cloud-based video services will reach $105 billion in 2016.

“Video has become a first-class data type in business that requires accelerated performance and powerful analytics that allows clients to extract meaningful insights,” said IBM Cloud Senior Vice President Robert LeBlanc in a statement.

“Aligning our expansive video and cloud innovations into an integrated unit will create opportunities for clients to take advantage of this medium in the most strategic way possible,” he added.

Fortune magazine reports that UStream may have fetched upwards of $130 million in the deal.
Along with the acquisition announcement was a graphic that showcases the new cloud video services unit’s leveraged assets.
IBM cloud video services unit

Written by Franklin Simmons

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