India Blackberry Ban Stalled for 2 Months

Blackberry maker Research in Motion skated through a security deadline set by India’s government, narrowly avoiding a Blackberry ban in the country. The Indian government requested the ability to tap into RIM’s enterprise mail and messenger services. The Times of India has more:

The Ministry of Home Affairs says it will “review the situation in 60 days,” after telecom authorities examine Research In Motion’s proposals to give security agencies greater access to corporate e-mail and instant messaging.

RIM is facing widespread concern over its strong data encryption, which is beloved by corporate customers eager to guard secrets but troublesome for some governments in the Middle East and Asia, which worry it could be used by militants to avoid detection.

Nearly two months after insisting that it does not have the provision to grant access for such monitoring, RIM made certain proposals for lawful access of BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BES) and BlackBerry Messenger Services (BBM) by the law enforcement agencies.

RIM assuaged personal security concerns by saying “the BlackBerry infrastructure was designed to be a global system that works ‘independent of geography’ and it’s a misperception that locating a network in India would help the government gain access to encrypted information,” according to Bloomberg.

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Written by Drea Knufken

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