India Who?

The CEO of Synopsys thinks China will take more jobs from us than India will.

While China's universities and engineering schools continue to turn out a bumper crop of engineers – especially design engineers – most design work in China today is focused on "cost reduction," de Geus said. The design-engineering effort is supported by a massive government-industry program that involves national, state and regional government funding coupled with private investment, entrepreneurial activity and professional training.

"This is the early-investment phase of the industry, and the government has decided that electronics will be important and that they can play an important role," de Geus said "Many design incubation centers have been set up and these are surrounded by startups that try get these things going, and they are making fantastic progress."

I think China will be the economy of the next 10 years, but I doubt they can surpass the U.S.A. anytime soon. The article is just one man's opinion, but he does have an inside look at the country.

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