Indian Startup Wants to Sell Cow Urine Cola


Cola is bad for you, but cow pee cola is very healthy, according to a group who wants to sell it as an elixir in India. From the UK Telegraph:

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, India’s leading Hindu cultural group, has developed Gau Jal or Cow Water, at its research centre in the Indian holy city of Haridwar on the River Ganges, and hopes it will be marketed as a ‘healthy’ alternative to Coke and Pepsi.

In some Indian states, cow dung and urine are sold in regular dairy shops alongside milk and yogurt, and “ayurvedic” Indian health food companies make porridge, toothpaste and tonic drinks which claim to cure ailments ranging from liver complaints to diabetes and cancer. The urine is also believed to have disinfectant properties while the dung is used in many Indian village huts as a clean and antiseptic flooring.

Now, the RSS’s Cow Protection Department has invented a new urine-based soft drink it hopes will promote its health-giving properties to a wider market. “We refer to gau ark (cow urine) as gau jal (cow water) as it has immense potential to cure various diseases. We have developed a soft drink formula with gau jal as the base and it has been sent to a laboratory at Lucknow for testing,” said director Om Prakash.

His team is now focusing on packaging, marketing, and of course preservation to stop its curative drink from going whiffy in the summer heat.

This might not be as disgusting as it sounds, depending on how much urine is involved. Red Bull, after all, contains an animal bile derivative. However, “urine as the base” does sound a little suspect. Would you drink it?

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  • Could be successful. I mean, as long as some of the impurities are taken out i’m sure it’s not that bad. Aren’t the best coffee beans in the world made from something worse than this? Could be a hit.

  • Indian Prime Minister from 1977-79 MORARJI – DESAI, (1896–1995), a near miss centurion credited his long innings essentially to Urine Therapy. He told journalist Khushwant Singh that he was advised to try intake of his own urine when in his 40s to cure piles (hemorrhoids), and he got instant results. Thereafter he continued the practice and was quite open about it, saying that you should not do anything you would be ashamed of. Cow- Cola is just an extension of what is a branded therapy within highest circles of Indian hierarchy.

  • You hit the nail.According to the Manila Coffee House,Kopi Luwak does exist, is very expensive, and is made from coffee beans passed through the digestive system of an Indonesian animal, but it’s more like a cat than a monkey. According to a feature article by the Manila Coffee House, which sells the stuff, the people who harvest the digested beans don’t really have to pick through cat litter to get it. The animal processes the beans and excretes them whole, unscratched, and without dung. According to the Manila Coffee House, the palm civet just happens to like to ingest the ripest and reddest coffee beans, which also happen to be the ones best for brewing. The cat eats the outer covering of the beans in the same way that is accomplished by de-pulping machines. Something happens to the beans in the journey through the cat’s intestines that gives it a flavor that is celebrated by coffee drinkers.

    At this point, most of the beans are purchased by Japanese buyers.

  • With Muslims drinking camel piss, and Indians making pee pee soft drinks, are Christians next? haha
    I just posted some pics up of the new Cow Urine Soft drink and info. This is ridiculous.