Inmates Pay for Deluxe Prison Accomodations

Here is an interesting idea that would help raise revenue and keep government costs down. Let white collar criminals pay to be transferred to a luxury prison. They still don't have their freedom, but they do have nice rooms.

Rich criminals in Ukraine are no longer forced to slum it with common rogues after the government opened up two 'luxury' prisons for those who can afford it.

Three new luxury cell blocks with capacity for 180 prisoners recently opened at a jail in the eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk.

Prisoners live in dormitories equipped with modern toilets, washbowls and television sets. Clean bed linen, pillows, blankets and individual beds are also provided.

The services at the prison however cost �13 a day in a country where the average monthly wage is only �50 a month.

At least it will get some of those prisoner's rights groups off the back of the criminal justice system.