Innovating for Quality

Here is a nice story from Businessweek about a company that makes high quality fish hooks.

For six generations, Norway's Mustad clan has manufactured a small but crucial product: the fish hook. Since fishermen are scrupulous in their evaluation of each and every hook they use, production of the tiny pieces of metal is deceptively specialized.

To get it right, sales representatives from O. Mustad & Son travel the globe investigating the sorts of hooks favored by anglers from Alaska to Asia and then report back to the outfit's factories around the world. The globetrotting pays off: Family-owned Mustad has been the world's No. 1 maker of fish hooks for 125 years.

It is always refreshing to see innovation and improvement in a product many outsiders probably see as a commodity. It is a reminder that there is always room for improvement, and there are always profits for those who do the improving.

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