Instagram And Pinterest Announce New Social Buy Buttons

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Pinterest and Instagram are hoping to leverage their massive photo-heavy posts to sell products. Both of the social media companies have announced plans to launch new social buy buttons on their considerable networks.


Instagram will soon offer “Shop Now”, “Install Now”, and “Sign Up” buttons. When pressed the buttons keep users inside of the Instagram network by launching a brands products inside of a mini-browser. The move places Instagram inside of the acquisition marketing sector rather than the brand marketing space. According to Instagram, the goal is to have users easily buy, install, or sign up for services, before re-entering the Instagram feed.

“We’re staying true to the values of simplicity,” says Global Head of Business and Brand Development James Quarles.

Brands will be able to target based on gender, country, and age, but more features including interests will be rolled out in the future. Much like its Facebook owner, the company plans to introduce interest based targeting in the future.

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The Pinterest “Buy It” button will allow pinners to be notified that a product is available for purchase through the app. Alternatively, pinners can now search buyable pins with sorting features such as price, gender, and other traditional e-commerce categories.

With this new feature product owners will need to ensure that they have properly tagged their products in order to be searched while also providing notifications to buyers.

Just like the Instagram feature, Pinterest will keep visitors inside of their app so they stay within the Pinterest content funnel.


Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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