Instagram Launches ‘Boomerang’ Gif Making Platform

Instagram Launched Boomerang

It’s impossible to avoid Gif files these days. Facebook supports them, Giphy allows website owners to embed them, and now Instagram has launched Boomerang, a service that allows users to quickly and easily make their own .Gifs.

Boomerang, a new app from the creators of Instagram, allows users to take short photo bursts, which are then converted into an animated .gif file. Animations are saved directly to your phone’s storage or iPhone’s camera roll. After the Gif is created it can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform that allows animated .gif files to be uploaded.

Boomerang offers looping and reverse features which allows users to better play around with the final results of their Gif files.

Here’s a USA Today video that shows off the new Boomerang platform.