Interview With A Buffett CEO: Kevin Clayton

Robert Miles has interviewed a bunch of the CEOs that work for companies purchased by Warren Buffett. In this video, he interviews Kevin Clayton of Clayton Homes, the largest factory built home builder in the country. Buffett has strict requirements for management of the companies he buys, so they are a good crew of people to study. They have all been very successful. Here's what Clayton has to say about business, and a host of other topics.

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  • Da Man

    Did anyone ask Buffet how much he lowballed the owners? I’m assuming this purchase was par for the course for him, in that this company was probably passed down within a family, but when the estate tax burden hit them they were forced to sell to Mr. Buffet at a reduced price so they could pay the tax bill. Mr. Buffet sounds like the martyr/hero when he goes to capital hill to testify before the theifs in Congress about how the estate tax should not be repealed so rich people like him can pay their fair share. But not many people know that his policy position serves his self-interest as he can go and vulture family businesses from people whose heirs are forced to sell the business when they get hit with a tax bill they cannot pay due to the estate tax. Mr. Buffet, come clean!