Interview with Michael Dell

Dell really is amazing. He keeps doing the things people say he can't do. I like his answer to this question.

Q. Some people say you're more interested these days in technology and having a vision of the future than in driving the results in various business units. Is that right? What's your passion these days?
A. What gets me excited is whatever causes the company to succeed. That means a variety of things, including all the things you mentioned. First of all, when you have so many disparate businesses and units, you can't be in all places at all times. I'm going over to Europe for operations reviews and meetings with a bunch of our customers. Kevin is going to Asia. We both can't go to Asia. We both can't go to Europe. So we have to divide and conquer. Perhaps next time, Kevin will go to Europe and I'll go to Asia. We share and divide the responsibilities to make sure we get it all done.

"Whatever causes the company to succeed." I think many CEOs though, worry more about themselves than they do customers and shareholders. It is too bad more don't have the Michael Dell attitude.

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