10 Introverts Who Became Highly Influential Businesspeople

Lead - Mark Zuckerberg

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Imagine the stereotypical high-flying boss and chances are most people will picture a slickly dressed, outgoing type, perhaps with a sprinkling of arrogance. Ask the same people to name a business pioneer, though, and a fair few will mention the likes of Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerberg. What’s more, despite these two figures being at opposite ends of their careers, both have something in common: they’re introverts. And yet rather than succumbing to their shyness, they and the eight other individuals on this list have used introversion, if anything, to their advantage: where some have made billions from savvy investments, others have developed their own online behemoths. As a result, the following ten figures are among the most influential – and in some cases wealthiest – businesspeople on the planet.