Invest in Green Tech, Get a Free Hybrid!

Need a great excuse to invest in green energy? Need a new Lexus hybrid?

Solutions 4 Solar Finance (S4SF) has got you covered! In addition to and ROI of 8%-13%, for a limited time they’re sweetening the deal with a free loaded Lexus 400h AWD Luxury Hybrid SUV worth over $50K!

Sign me up!

Oh wait… here’s the fine print:

Investors with an investment level of approximately one million dollars in qualified leases will get the free Lexus 400h.

Approximately. Give or take.

S4SF‘s Jeff Donahue says they “needed to offer a huge incentive to increase awareness of our fantastic investment opportunity.” And that they are “offering the most outrageous incentive that we can.”

Not really. But what they are doing is getting the story about their investment opportunity out there in an outrageous manner. What journalist can resist the lure of the free hybrid hook?

So let’s play along, shall we?

The Solar Leasing Biz

Leasing provides an affordable option for residential and small business clients to install solar energy technology. Investors become lessors on residential and/or commercial solar electric (photovoltaic) systems, which are ‘sold’ as operating leases – providing tax shelter under the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit and accelerated depreciation. Win-win.

Jeff Donahue describes the investment:

“The Solar Lease is a relatively safe investment vehicle as 60% – 80% of the initial investment is returned in tax incentives. We lease to only the strongest homeowners and businesses. Lessors have the opportunity to invest in alternative energy — the fastest-growing industry in the world. The lease is unique in the U.S. due to its low upfront cost (around $1K on small residential systems), the short 6 – 8 year original term and level payments for the duration — up to 20 years with renewal options. We believe that we have put together the ideal win-win lease. The customer gets a short-term affordable lease, saving them thousands of dollars over the term. The investor gets a great R.O.I. on a very safe investment and one of the best luxury SUVs available — for free.”

Free, when you spend a million bucks. Nice. Gotta love good marketing.

Image Credit: Wyemji, Flickr