iOS 9 Can Tell When Your WiFi Sucks And Switch You To Cellular Data

Apple iOS 9 and WiFi Assist

There are times when WiFi connectivity just isn’t cutting it. A slow connection, dropped data, whatever the situation might be, iOS will soon be able to detect your faulty WiFi and switch you over to cellular data.

Apple iOS 9 can detect when a weak WiFi signal is being used and then automatically drop back to cellular data connectivity. When a stronger WiFi signal is available iOS 9 will switch you back to WiFi.

There are already apps that handle the same task on Android such as BestSignal or Tasker.

Thew new iOS 9 trick is part of Wi-Fi Assist and it is already being tested by developers.

Apple iPhone users will have the option to turn Wi-Fi Assist on and off, ensuring that data gobbling Netflix and YouTube apps don’t drain a users data plan before their data month even has a real chance to get started.

WiFi Assist

With more areas offering free Wi-Fi the Assist feature could finally level the playing field between free WiFi data and cellular usage. It’s great news for users but not the best news for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, and other cellular carriers who are relying more heavily on data access these days.

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Written by Peter Mondrose

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