1 In 10 Men Prefer An iPad 3 Over A New Romance

It is unfathomable for me to imagine anyone picking a piece of technology over real human relationships but a recent poll reveals something startling about men. 1 in 10 men would prefer an iPad 3 to a new romance.

To me this is the ultimate sign that we’ve entered a very jaded period of human history and relationships. For sure we need an app to heal that jadedness.

“For one in 10 single men, the lure of an iPad 3 is stronger than a new woman. A new poll of 600 people found that 11 percent of bachelors would rather own the latest in Apple tablet tech than find a new lover. Three percent of the surveyed single men even said they would leave their lovers to get the latest iPad. Women, on the other hand were far more likely to choose love over technology, with 84 percent saying they’d rather have a new love than an iPad 3. Unanswered, however, was whether the women would choose a man who would choose an iPad over love. Seems unlikely.” ~ Source

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  1. jason's Gravatar Comment by jason on April 24th, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    if “84 percent saying they’d rather have a new love than an iPad 3″ then 16% would want an iPad3 vs 11% of men.

  2. curt's Gravatar Comment by curt on April 25th, 2012 at 2:15 am

    Obviously you don’t follow the Mens Rights Movement, or track teh studies on male abandonment of eduction, society itself, careers and marriage. :)

    But that said, i’m not sure the poll demonstrates anything other than noise.

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