Iran Wants To Purchase 90 Boeing And Airbus Planes A Year, There’s Just One Catch

Boeing and Airbus in Iran - Massive Order to Follow Nuclear Deal

Officials in Iran say they want to purchase upwards of 90 planes per year from Boeing and Airbus, there’s just one catch — the country needs sanctions to be lifted before it can do business with the airline giants.

Iran’s state news agency IRNA quoted a senior aviation official who revealed, “Iran will buy a total of 80-90 planes per year from the two aviation giants in the first phase of renovating its air fleet.”

In July, Iran and numerous world powers reached closer to terms on a nuclear deal that raised the prospect of banking and trade sanctions being lifted against the country. With those sanctions possibly disappearing by the end of the year, a fleet of commercial aircraft could go into production in the next six to twelve months.

Mohammad Khodakarami, the caretaker director of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization says, “We will purchase planes from Boeing and Airbus in equal numbers.” He claims the country will add 300 new jets to their fleet in five years.

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Iran will finance the purchases through various mechanisms including leasing, foreign loans and state funds, Khodakarami said.

It was recently estimated that the country of 80 million people, would need a total of 400 aircraft in the next decade.

The nuclear deal has been moving along successfully, however, that doesn’t mean the country has finalized a deal and that could mean further delays in replacing the country’s aging commercial jetliners.