Is Ad-Sense NonSense?

David Gibbons has an excellent post about online advertising. He points out that AdSense just doesn't add up.

In US corporate circles, this tendancy is often called "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". After taking another look at Google's fantastic adsense program, I'm convinced that it's what the internet and advertising industries have done with Branding and Marketing online…

…If you monetize internet traffic, like on your blog, then adsense might not be the best way to earn dollars for your efforts. Theoretically, your internet eye-balls are 8 times more valuable to marketting advertising spend than they are to click-through advertising spend. Obviously your content will also dictate how valuable your eyeballs are – but my advice is if you're going to sell advertising on your blog, you may make much more money if you find a way to sell Branding and Marketting.

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