Is Digg Rigged?


Michael Arrington blogs about the troubles in Diggville. He seems surprised that Digg is having trouble but, haven't we seen this type of communism fail time and time again, only to be reinvented in some other form?

One thing I learned from TBE is that is you have a large crowd, only a small percentage actually drives everything. And I've been preaching that Web 2.0 isn't what it's cracked up to be. Trust me. In two years the term will be a mark of shame along with that sock puppet dog from, flipping real estate, and the book "Dow 36,000." This time it's different? No. This time our tunnel vision is just looking down a different tunnel.

It isn't bad that people want this to work. It's a noble goal, but it just isn't the way people are made. All this community stuff only works when there is an individual motivation to participate, even if the community isn't established. works because I need a web based bookmarker regardless of whether anyone else uses it or not. The sharing is just an added benefit. I don't use the site so that I can share – I use it for selfish reasons – to keep my bookmarks accessible from any computer.

Anyway, a good post about Rigg, I mean Digg, is here. The author goes much more in depth about how a handful of people can get their posts on the front page of Digg.

  • I think you’re mixing up several points. I agree with your point on motivation – without question there is no altruism. People either extract benefit (psychic/monetary/functional/whatever) or the fad will be short lived. The key problems with Digg are two-fold: (1) evidence of manipulation by the editorial staff (a HUGE no-no in Web 2.0 or any other world); and (2) the breaking of true democracy by severing the 1 person-1 vote rule. They are attempting to create a forced democracy which fails to reward those who have really created the site’s value – the top Diggers. This is why such a brouhaha has broken out among Digg, its top Diggers and Netscape Navigators and their pay-for-production model. Digg can work just fine if they go back to true democracy instead of the bastardized form they’ve concocted via their new algorithms. I’ve written about this at Information Arbitrage and am glad you’ve written about it here.

  • Rob

    I don’t want democratic news, I want personalized news – stuff that interests me. There is a huge difference, which is why I rarely read Digg.