Is Small Business A Noble Calling?

In the book Morespace, which will come out very soon, my chapter is about "Why Business Matters." I think business does matter, and that it is a noble calling. Which is what attracted me to this post.

So, three young guys walk into Starbucks, and one of the guys is practically jumping up down enthusiastically telling the others something seemingly urgent.

When they finally come into earshot I realize that the animated one is trying, passionately, to convince the other two to start their own business.

Part of logic went like this: Business ownership is one of the best ways to positively impact a great amount of people.

Wow – How often do we remember that?…

Business has tremendous impacts on society, and with power comes responsibility. One of the things I say in my chapter is, if you want to change the world, start a business. I believe finding profitable solutions to problems is one of the most noble things you can undertake.

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