Is This Site Slow?

Is this site loading slow for anyone else? It's gotten really slow for me, particularly comments. Email if you are having trouble too. I'm starting to think about changing hosts and moving to WordPress.

  • It’s noticably slower, but not (for me anyway) anything so extreme that I’d call it a deal breaker.

    I doubt it has anything to do with Movable Type, more likely some of the functionality you have implemented from 3rd party providers.

    Honestly, the slow down seemed to really take hold when you started including these “MyBlogLog Click Tagging” mouseover tags. I think if you start eliminating some of these bells and whistles you’ll pRobably see speed performance improve.

  • Rob

    You’re right. I turned it off and noticed an immediate difference. Thanks.

  • Michael Butler

    So far you can be seen in China. You might want to investigate other blogs before changing if you wish to continue being seen in China.

    China is blocking some types of blogs wholesale. For example, I only have access to about 50% of COC.

    Sorry I don’t have more info. beyond this.