Is This The End Of The Line For Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer?

Marissa Mayer

In an era of short-term results-based business, we could very well be watching the end of Marissa Mayer. She was brought in by Yahoo after working for over a decade at Google where she was one of the senior executives responsible for Google’s astronomical success.

But with the recent turmoil Yahoo is facing with many senior executives jumping ship, many analysts are claiming Yahoo’s sinking ship is a result of poor management coming from the top.


Marissa Mayer joined Yahoo with vision, drive, and a passion not seen from a Yahoo leader since it was founded. But her challenge was in finding a team that could successfully navigate a quickly changing world in technology, media, and search.

Possibly her biggest failure has been in building a team to navigate these quickly changing environments. And while it is unlikely that she will be fired before the end of the year, it is more than likely that if Yahoo keeps heading in the direction that it is now, she will be gone before next quarter’s revenue earnings report.

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Source: Forbes