Is "Whole Foods" As Bad As WalMart?

A local story is discussing how and why large health food chains like Whole Foods are putting the small mom-and-pop health food stores out of business.

While the Whole Foods Market and Wild Oats Natural Market chains are competing for a bigger share of the local health-food dollar, two of Louisville's pioneer health-food and supplement retailers are in battles of their own.

Rainbow Blossom Natural Foods, which opened its first store in 1977, has been dealing with the competition from the two national chains a couple of miles down the road from its flagship store in St. Matthews, and the fading low-carb diet fad as well.

The three-store Health & Harvest chain, meanwhile, which used to operate under the name Apple Annie's, has had more immediate problems, trying to wade through bankruptcy and receivership and avoid liquidation.

Why is it that I don't think we will see people protesting to keep Whole Foods out of their cities? Is it because Whole Foods is considered a "good" company and WalMart is considered "bad"? Or is it just convenient hypocrisy?

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