ISIS Operates A 24-Hour IT ‘Help Desk’ For Terrorists

ISIS 24-Hour IT Support

ISIS operates a 24/7 help desk for terrorists.

The IT support center was established so terrorists and wannabe terrorists can receive information about encrypting communications, hiding personal details, and using apps such as Twitter, while avoiding international surveillance.

The group is made up of IT specialists answering questions from locations spread out all over the world, according to Dr. Aaron Brantly, a cyber fellow at the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.

While much of the help desks’ information was being sent through the Telegram messaging application, the Berlin-based company on Wednesday afternoon said it had removed 78 ISIS run channels.

The jihadi help desk has lengthy training manuals that are said to be rather technically sophisticated.

CNN Money shared these ISIS Help Desk answers:

  • How to conceal your phone number when signing up for apps like Telegram: One example provided to CNNMoney showed a 28-page guide to faking your phone number when creating accounts on both Telegram and Twitter.
  • Questions on whether jihadists should use Skype to communicate.
  • Precautions users should take when using Instagram to avoid releasing their location, and tips for thwarting facial recognition technology.
  • Which apps are best for making a phone call?
  • How to digitally communicate if Internet access is cut off.
  • How to securely browse the web.
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Even as Telegram continues to shut down popular ISIS channels, the group continues to use the apps encrypted private messaging features to connect individually and with up to 200 people at a single time.

Written by Lane Hanson

Lane Hanson

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