Meet Israel’s first whisky distillery: Milk & Honey

Milk and Honey distillery

Israel has its first whisky distiller and it all started because of a 2013 Indiegogo campaign that raised just over $76,000, following a financing round from serial tech entrepreneur Gal Kalkshtein.

The global whisky space is exploding with more competitors than ever entering into the space.

Milk & Honey will be the first single malt provider in the Holy Land.

Tel Aviv’s new Milk & Honey distillery is still in the process of maturing its first batch of whisky, which will start shipping in 2018.

For their part, Israeli drinkers are more focused on wines and micro-brewed beers than spirits. For that reason, the company expects to export most of its first one million bottles batch to the United States.

There is a short supply of high-quality single-malt whisky worldwide at the moment, with demand quickly outstripping supply.

As a whisky provider in the Holy Land the company is playing up that aspect of its business. On its original Indiegogo page the description for the company’s water source reads:

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“For centuries, people around the world have been yearning for the pure spiritual water of the Holy Land. The Milk & Honey Distillery will produce an excellent quality whiskey using the most special water in world.

The water will be created through sophisticated reverse osmosis and then scientifically mineralised so as to play an optimal role in the quality taste of the whiskey.”

They also claim:

“The higher temperature in Israel will speed up the maturation process in the barrels. You can expect an Israeli four year old to be at least as mature as a Scottish ten year old.

If you have had the good fortune to try Kavalan from Taiwan, or Amruth from India, you will have experienced this effect before. Great whisky made in warmer climates.”

Are you ready for an Israeli whisky?

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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