It takes more than just a funny ad…

According to this, it takes more than just a funny ad to make a sale.

An entertaining commercial on a prime-time television show might be a good way to build a brand's image, but a straightforward spot with a prominent toll-free phone number is the best way for a company to move inventory fast, according to Ron Bliwas, chief executive of ad agency A. Eicoff & Co., who spoke last month at Wharton.

Interesting, but not all that surprising. The article goes on though, to state something that I have never really heard before.

"What we found was there were certain times of day when it was easier to motivate somebody to buy something. We call it our theory of sales resistance. It's actually better to reach 50,000 people at a time of least sales resistance than 500,000 at a time of maximum sales resistance," said Bliwas. The best time to get results is on weekend afternoons, when people are relaxed and have time to focus on advertising. The same theory applies to Sunday newspapers, which are filled with ads.

The quality of a television show also has an effect on sales results, Bliwas noted, again debunking conventional wisdom. "The better the show, the worse the results."

People, he noted, watch television for two reasons — to be entertained or because they are bored. "We try to run our commercials during shows people are watching when they're bored because they will pay as much attention to a commercial as they do to a Hogan's Heroes rerun they have seen 100 times." His agency once aired a local commercial in Chicago five minutes before the kickoff of a Bears game. The same advertisement had previously been successful, but this time not a single person called.

Hmmmm, so now I wonder why so many companies want to debut their new funny ad during the SuperBowl. This would imply it's a money losing idea.

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