It’s All Business

Hi, I’m Lela.  Ryan asked me to introduce myself, but I see he’s already pegged me to add some spice and humor to the site.  I’ll try to deliver. 

According to Webster’s, a pundit is either a  learned man (ie. teacher), or a person who gives opinions in an authoritative manner usually through the mass media (ie. critic).  So I’ll aspire to be both, except the man part.  Because I’m a Lady Pundit. 

What Do I Know?

Why should you listen to what I have to say?  I’m not sure you should, but if you decide to, here’s what you’re getting:  I believe everything is business.  If you need to get things done, from a home renovation to a multi-national merger.  It’s all business.  If you are interacting with others, from the POA to the board of directors – business.  And no matter what you do, if you hope to earn money for yourself or others you’re in business.  You there, university fundraiser, you’re in business.  Engineer, Astrologer, Baker?  Business.  Teacher?  Management by numbers for sure. 

When I was young I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to be when I grew up.  All I knew for sure were the kind of clothes I wanted to wear.  I liked big eighties style shoulder pads and high pumps so I got a job in a bank.  Among other things, I learned I had a knack for numbers and getting things done.  I went to college and majored in accounting.  That let to all kinds of opportunities, interesting work, and a ten year plan for attaining partnership at a top tier firm. 

Then I did the unthinkable.  I had a baby and went all gushy.  I Mommy Tracked myself by transferring to the family-friendly tax department and reducing my client load and hours.  Then another unthinkable occurred.  My husband got transferred – more than once.  I spent the next few years working at various smaller accounting firms feeling un-challenged and training new kids to be my bosses.  They were, after all, full time employers without outside responsibilities like laundry and carpool.

Again, I decided to follow my fashion sense.  I needed jeans.  I bagged the tax grind and decided to focus on my family and a new found passion:  writing.  Suffering culture shock, but inspired by the characters I met in middle America, I wrote short stories and joined writers groups and felt very arty, not at all businessy, and far from Pundit. 

Then I started writing online and here we are back in business again.  Even art led me back to business.  That’s because It’s All Business.

What about you?  What’s your take on business?