iTunes Success

I said before that I think iTunes is a great idea. This explains why it has been so successful thus far.

At the heart of the debate is this question: Who should decide what's art, the artist or the public? The Chili Peppers and Metallica say they — and they alone — should decide how fans should listen to and keep their music.

Increasingly, that's rubbing fans the wrong way, if my mail is any indication. Wrote Chuck McGinley, an electrical engineer from Boston: "Let people sample the works of an artist and then make their own decision."

iTunes puts consumers in control. That is a winning model for almost any business. With all of AOL's missteps recently, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple emerged as the web's leading content provider. If so, I will recant everything I have said about how Apple has great technology but makes poor business decisions. Soon they may be winning in both areas.

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