Ivanka Trumps says her dad isn’t a ‘groper’

Ivanka Trump says Donald Trump isnt a groper

Ivanka Trump has responded to a New York Times story that detailed extensive allegations of workplace sexism by her father.

In an interview with CBS that aired on Wednesday, Ivanka Trump said the Times report was “disturbing” and then she challenged a claim that Donald Trump groped one of his employees.

“I’m not in every interaction my father has, but he’s not a groper. That’s not who he is,” Ivanka said.

A female employee who worked with Trump at an Atlantic City beauty pageant described a “very traumatic incident” in which Trump allegedly reached under a table to grope her.

During her interview on Wednesday morning, Ivanka said her father has “total respect for women.” She defended her father further by noting that he has had a history of promoting women when other companies did not.

“There was no trend toward equality in real estate back in the 1980s. And he was doing it because he believes ultimately in merit,” Ivanka Trump said.

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The Times article claims that the groping incident was one of just many incidents Donald Trump has had with women.

Another individuals in the Times article says Donald Trump often made inappropriate comments about women and offered “unwelcome” romantic advances in the workplace.

The claims come at a time when much of the public have taken note about comments Trump has publicly made about women.

A super Pac backing Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has taken to the Times articles with a spot that features Trump’s past comments on women’s bodies. They included his assertion that “a person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.”

Written by Lisa Huyhn

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