Jeb Bush’s Political Machine Calls Donald Trump A ‘Godsend’

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s political team believes the Donald Trump campaign is a “godsend” to Bush’s campaign, The New York Times reports.

The TV personality, real-estate mogul, and overall attention whore, has been killing it in the most recent primary numbers, causing a support dip among his fellow Republicans.

For their part the Bush campaign believes Trump is only serving to hurt candidates such as Scott Walker, while barely putting a dent in the Jeb Bush campaign.

“Privately, Mr. Bush’s top strategists, who have become increasingly fixated on halting Mr. Walker, believe that Mr. Trump is nothing short of a godsend,” Martin wrote. “Trump is drawing support from voters — blue-collar, less-educated, more conservative — who are unlikely ever to support Mr. Bush but are essential to Mr. Walker’s candidacy.”

Business Insider noted last month, that several non-Bush Republicans watched their numbers slip after Donald Trump entered the race, while the former Florida Governor remained strong.

However, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released on Sunday found that Walker is actually leading in Iowa.


“While some people are hearing about one candidate all the time, very few people know that I’ve offered a tax code [where] you can fill out your tax return on one page,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) said on CNN. “So if I had a billion-dollars worth of advertising and every network going gaga over that, you know what, I think we could get ours to rise also. But there’s going to be time for that.”

The campaign is still in its early stages and many Republicans are likely to see through Donald Trumps ludicrous policies that have no chance of passing, such as demanding that Mexico pay for a giant wall to keep their own citizens out of the United States.


For his part Donald Trump finds it crazy that his campaign is helping Jeb Bush.

Only time will tell if the Donald Trump Presidential machine can stand up to the Jeb Bush namesake.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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