Jeff Bezos says not subscribing to Amazon Prime is ‘irresponsible’

Amazon Prime is the responsible thing to do says Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos wants everyone to know that they would be “irresponsible not to be a member” of his company’s $99 Prime membership program.

In his annual letter to shareholders, Bezos said the program is “such a good value, you’d be irresponsible not to be a member.”

Prime started as Amazon’s unlimited two-day shipping option for subscribers and has grown to include a video streaming service, and Kindle book rental platform, among other options.

There are currently more than 30 million Amazon Prime qualified items sold by the company.

In recent years Amazon Prime has grow to include Sunday delivery, same-day delivery, one-hour delivery, streaming music, and unlimited photo storage.

Bezos revealed that Prime Video is driving a lot of business.He noted that Prime members who watch Prime Video are more likely to upgrade from a free trial to a paid membership, and they’re more likely to renew their annual subscriptions.

While Amazon has never revealed actual Prime customer numbers, the company said it’s in the “tens of millions” and that it grew last year by 51%.

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“There’s a good chance you’re already one of them, but if you’re not — please be responsible — join Prime,” Bezos wrote.

As an Amazon Prime customer I couldn’t imagine not having the membership in my life. My wife and I save a ton of money on everyday products and we don’t have to visit our local stores to take advantage of those super low prices.

Written by Jeff Springer

Jeff Springer

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